Meanwhile In France

Today It’s time to take a look at my very recent work, after I finished to do some improvements to Lille, I have moved to rework an interchange that SCS has made back in 2016, with a new accurate and a better version, I will also show today the new border checkpoint between France to Belgium along the E19 highway, I added new signs, vegetation, and new details, and as well a small addition to the city of Reims

Drivers can now go to the toilet at the border

To make a smooth transition, I have improved a strech of the Belgian part of the E17 with some newer vegetation models, a rebuilt gas station that will be seen in a blog that will focus on small changes around all of the map, and changed the road’s texture with a one that looks better, and that matches the real life counterpart of the said location

A new monument on the checkpoint will greet your way as you cross the border

I love the result

Now it’s time to pull out the big gun, the A2/A23 interchange has been rebuilt from scratch, some polish work will be erected and it will be good to go

Here we can see the new street that I have added in Reims, soon I will have a new portion of the city, the one in the other side of the river, I have made a plan already and an early stage of work

In the next blog post we will be taking a look at Austria and what our mapper Knezaaa is doing there as we speak now, make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter, so that you will be the first to see his majestic work! See you at the next blog post

One thought on “Meanwhile In France

  1. Wow, after seeing what Promods is doing with the community I am hoping to switch to the other ‘western european’ patch and yours looks lovely.


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