EuRoadNet is Releasing!

Today it’s the time to announce that our first version, version 1.0 will be released in the 15th of August!

The upcoming release will include extensive additions in Germany, France, Belgium, Italia, Czechia, Austria,Denmark and more!

Throughout the time until the release we will greet you with new blog posts of the upcoming areas and a detailed list of work that our map contents, stay tuned!


We hope that you will enojoy our upcoming release!

3 thoughts on “EuRoadNet is Releasing!

  1. This is fantastic news, and I am so excited to begin using this new version of your map. I spent this past Sunday (16 Aug.) driving on it and love everything I see. The level of detail and more challenging roads, construction, etc. is above any other map mod I have experienced, and that includes ProMods!

    I do have a question/request – at some point are you considering expanding the current “generic” version of the cIty of Hamburg to something like what ProMods used to have? That city used to be amazing, but ProMods removed it about a year ago, which made me very sad. I was born in Hamburg but live in the United States now. I still consider Hamburg and northern Germany my home, and being able to drive around that area in ETS2 is always a wonderful experience.

    Looking forward to hearing what your plans are for Hamburg and the rest of North Germany!

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,
    Robert Baitis
    Atlanta, Georgia

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