Bremen state

Welcome to the state of Bremen!
The Federal State of Bremen consists of the Hanseatic Cities of Bremen 
And Bremerhaven!
Bremerhaven in the north is an important port city, which was once the most important port for fishing vessels and had the largest fishing port in Europe. Today, the import and export of goods in containers is one of the city’s leading economic sectors, but offshore wind energy is also very important in the course of the conversion to renewable energies.
Another important point is the handling of cars and construction vehicles. The majority of imported vehicles in Germany have come to us via Bremerhaven. 
The fishing and processing of fresh fish has changed to the processing of frozen fish. As a result, Bremerhaven is home to companies that process fish and produce frozen foods and ready-to-eat meals. And last but not least, wood is also processed in Bremerhaven. Raw wood delivered by ship from Russia and the Baltic States is processed into construction timber and board products and sold on. 
Our mapper Nomsn has taken these aspects and integrated them into our version of the “Seestadt Bremerhaven”. It was his intention to present the wide variety of economic sectors.Thereby the city grew to a considerable size for the ETS2 scale and still represents only a compressed version of the city. In the Euroadnet version of Bremerhaven, the city can be reached via the A27 motorway and the exits Wulsdorf in the south and Bremerhaven Zentrum with its prominent waste disposal facility a little further north. 

Since Bremerhaven and Bremen are both located on the Weser, they are connected to each other both by water and by road via the A27.
The city of Bremen has experienced an extension in our map. On the one hand the Bremer Kreuz that connects the A27 with the A1 and the exit Sebaldsbrck from which you can reach the city centre via the “Erdbeerbrcke”. 
The topic shipbuilding has unfortunately lost in importance due to the Asian competition, but the repair and conversion of ships continues to play an important role.
Since Bremerhaven was already well filled up, Nomsn has given the city of Bremen a shipyard to make the maritime importance visible in Bremen as well. 

Weser Tunnel
Whoever comes from Bremerhaven or Cuxhaven, with the aim of driving to Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven or even further into the Netherlands used to have to drive all the way through Bremen or use one of the small Weser ferries 
Since January 2004 you can now use the Weser Tunnel located south of Bremerhaven to reach the Wesermarsch district quickly and easily. To capture different dynamic stages of road networks in our map, the Wesertunnel is under construction in 1.0. Help us to take deliveries from and to the construction site so that it can be opened soon!

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