New content for 1.1

Hi there, it’s Topolino.

It’s been a long time since we wrote our last blog post, but it was some busy time for me; however, I have got something new to show you.

First of all, Southern Germany. In EuRoadNet v1.0, you already saw a rebuilt interchange South of Stuttgart, S-Degerloch. In the meantime, I rebuilt two other interchanges around Stuttgart which will be released within 1.1, Kreuz Stuttgart and Dreieck Leonberg.

I know, SCS also announced rebuilds for the area of Stuttgart. This means that I will have to merge my work after SCS’s new update for Germany. That’s why we plan to release EuRoadNet 1.1 before SCS releases stage 3 of their Germany rebuild.

But these two interchanges are not the only stuff that are currently tested for 1.1. I also finished the connection between A4 in Germany and D10 in Czechia.

A piece of this area was already included in 1.0, with the small city of Löbau.

In 1.1, you will be able to drive South of Löbau to the German city Zittau:

When you drive further, you will reach the border to Poland and, not far away from there, the border to Czechia. It’s a nice view from there. 🙂

And last but not least, you will come across the city of Liberec, Czechia.

I hope you will enjoy those additions. See you soon, stay tuned and keep on trucking!

2 thoughts on “New content for 1.1

  1. ich winde cool das ihr arbeitet weil ich dachte ihr macht nix mehr und schon bei 1.39 macht es probleme weil wir als nutzer der mods nur version 1.38 haben und würde freuen wenn ihr direkt auf 1.39- 1.40version und wenn ich würde mich drüber freuen wenn ihr immer geile details hinzufügt.

    Ich wünsche dem EuroroadNet eine frohe weinachten und guten rutsch ins neue jahr
    LG Sylwesterplayz


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