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New in Denmark

While we are busy polishing and bug fixing the new areas ahead of the release of the 1.1 version, it’s time to take a small look at the new content in Denmark.

Stovring (industrial zone)
Approaching Stovring’s industrial zone.
Randers (industrial zone)

With 1.1 players will get to explore 4 new destinations: Aarhus, Randers, Stovring and Hobro (Aarhus comes with an industrial zone for now. in a patch that will arrive after 1.1, an urban area will be added as well, as well as the addition of Grenaa which is planned to have a ferry to Halmstad in Sweden).

Map View
Entering Aarhus
Aarhus (industrial zone)
Bypassing Aarhus
Overlooking Aarhus’ industrial zone
Leaving E45 towards Hobro
Entering Hobro

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed having a sneak peak into Denmark’s 1.1 additions. the next blog posts will focus on what V1.1 brings to Germany, France, Belgium and Czech Republic.

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