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Celebrating A Year

It’s been a year since version 1.0a was released, yet it seems like it was yesterday. time flies!

it’s been a “while” since then, and so this date might be a good day to clarify the situation of the mod and provide more information about the upcoming version 1.1 and what caused a delay.

Version 1.1 was originally planned to be released earlier, but real life issues and errands have forced the majority of the team to be inactive for quite a time and slow down the work pace, but now, with bug fixing well underway, version 1.1 is very close to be released, while we can’t specify a date yet, it might be announced very soon.

With a dedicated team working on this project, it might be a good time to thank Topolino to his commitment towards the project, Feliweigi for the great map assets, Nomsn, Julian and the other team members, and of course, MG Mike for the constant help with testing, fixing bugs and the advice, and of couse for the people who enjoy the map – and thanks for waiting patiently, it’s true that the waiting time for 1.1 was long, but we are just one step away from there, so it might be a good opportunity to show some screens from the new areas, and introduce the somewhat final content list of 1.1.

Content with 1.1:

Version 1.1 will bring much new content, unless something suddenly changes (if there will be any change it will be to introduce more content) this is what will be featured in the upcoming release:

Somewhere in Belgium – coming in 1.1
Somewhere in Northern Germany – coming in 1.1
Budapest – rebuilt with 1.1
Randers (DK) – coming with 1.1
Liberec, Czech Republic
Sieniawka, Poland
Zittau, Germany
Approaching Mlada Boleslav

A Taste Of More

Besides 1.1 photos, here is a batch of photos of things that will coming in a later version, in the near future:

South of Prague, Czech Republic
E411/E42 interchange, Belgium
Stralsund, Germany
Southern France, do you know where?

And to end the post, here are pictures from Finland, it is yet unsure if it will be included in version 1.1 or not:

Keep an open eye on our blog, our Disocrd server and our Youtube channel so that you will be the first to know when V1.1 releases!

Our Youtube channel:

Our Discord server:


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