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So, as announced more than a month ago, Ibiza is a new part of EuRoadNet that I’m developing since early November.

Due to the island’s small size and the game’s scale, the in-game version of the island will be reduced to just the city of Ibiza itself, where players will be able to deliver to 2-3 companies (still undecided) and interact with a viewpoint showing scenic cutscenes of the city. Ferry links will connect the island with the rest of Spain.

Despite that, you will still get to travel in plenty of streets:

And see a couple of recognizable landmarks, such as:

So when will the island be available? Still unsure. It is mostly done and it’s likely to be featured in a February release of a new version of the map, but this can not be guaranteed. Keep looking after our blog so that you will be the first to get notified when the next release is coming, and if you want to see pictures before we post them in the blog, make sure to join our discord server too, where we post pictures earlier!


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