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Stuttgarter Kreuz Add-on for EuRoadNet v1.0a (1.39)

Euro Truck Simulator version 1.40 will release soon. Before that, I’d like to publish a small piece of work that I did last year: The rebuild of the two interchanges Stuttgarter Kreuz and Dreieck Leonberg. It is an add-on for EuRoadNet v1.0a and game version 1.39 ONLY! It will not work on 1.40 because SCSContinue reading “Stuttgarter Kreuz Add-on for EuRoadNet v1.0a (1.39)”

Opening our forum and new Discord

Dear readers, today we have opened two communication channels to the public. The first one is our own forum: It is a phpBB board, means the functionality is similar to the SCS forum. You can discuss everything about our map there, but also about SCS games in general and also offtopic. The second oneContinue reading “Opening our forum and new Discord”