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So, as announced more than a month ago, Ibiza is a new part of EuRoadNet that I’m developing since early November. Due to the island’s small size and the game’s scale, the in-game version of the island will be reduced to just the city of Ibiza itself, where players will be able to deliver toContinue reading “Ibiza”


Celebrating A Year

It’s been a year since version 1.0a was released, yet it seems like it was yesterday. time flies! it’s been a “while” since then, and so this date might be a good day to clarify the situation of the mod and provide more information about the upcoming version 1.1 and what caused a delay. VersionContinue reading “Celebrating A Year”

New in Denmark

While we are busy polishing and bug fixing the new areas ahead of the release of the 1.1 version, it’s time to take a small look at the new content in Denmark. With 1.1 players will get to explore 4 new destinations: Aarhus, Randers, Stovring and Hobro (Aarhus comes with an industrial zone for now.Continue reading “New in Denmark”

Rebuilding Budapest

Welcome back to our blog! After a while that it was silent for technical reasons, it’s back to activity. Today’s blog is about Budapest’s rebuild which I’ve done earlier this year and will arrive with the upcoming V1.1 version that is being finalised in these days. That’s it for this post. more posts about 1.1Continue reading “Rebuilding Budapest”

New content for 1.1

Hi there, it’s Topolino. It’s been a long time since we wrote our last blog post, but it was some busy time for me; however, I have got something new to show you. First of all, Southern Germany. In EuRoadNet v1.0, you already saw a rebuilt interchange South of Stuttgart, S-Degerloch. In the meantime, IContinue reading “New content for 1.1”

Back To France

Hey it’s Arik again. In the map mod I develop Denmark, Belgium, France and small side additions, which means that everytime I focus somewhere else, but today we are back to France! In the upcoming version, a couple of interchanges and maybe a small surprise will come, let’s take a look at some pictures! ThatContinue reading “Back To France”

Join Our Journey

Our team keeps growing, as we continue to expand our map project we look for mappers, beta testers and blender models to join our team and develop with us the map project! Think you got what it takes? Mappers and modelers – Send an email to with some photos of your work and weContinue reading “Join Our Journey”

A Bad Start

Yesterday at August 15 we have released our map, with a lot of work spent into the map and efforts, we were happy by the huge amount of downloads and tremendous feedback. However, after a conversation with the mappers from the Promods team, it has been revealed that one of our mappers, TheNightgames, has stolenContinue reading “A Bad Start”


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