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Great that you are interested in testing our map!

To become a beta tester, you will firstly need to start at the latest public version of our map to search for bugs. So please register at our bugtracker and report bugs that you have found in our public map (registration is needed to prevent spam). After you reported enough bugs, you might get approved as our official beta tester.

To see how you can report bugs on our bugtracker, take a look at this guide.

Our Latest Blog Posts:

New content for 1.1

Hi there, it’s Topolino. It’s been a long time since we wrote our last blog post, but it was some busy time for me; however, I have got something new to show you. First of all, Southern Germany. In EuRoadNet v1.0, you already saw a rebuilt interchange South of Stuttgart, S-Degerloch. In the meantime, IContinue reading “New content for 1.1”

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