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Back To France

Hey it’s Arik again. In the map mod I develop Denmark, Belgium, France and small side additions, which means that everytime I focus somewhere else, but today we are back to France!

In the upcoming version, a couple of interchanges and maybe a small surprise will come, let’s take a look at some pictures!

Guess the location

That is some of what is coming soon in France. In the next blog posts we will be taking a look into exciting work taking place in other countries. If you want to be the first to see them, subscribe to our RSS feed or newsletter!

One thought on “Back To France

  1. Shame you had a small hickup at the start but I am positive that if you keep going at this it will be a must have mod for ets.
    Even though promods 2.50 is out now I am sticking with eurooadmap for the base for my map combo.
    I would very much like to bring to your attention an old area which desparatly needs some euroadnet attention namely the Netherlands.
    This is a very old part of the map which has been more or less forgotten by scs themselves I think.
    The only quality part of this section is a small section between Rotterdam and Amsterdam and Also the moerdijk bridge on the A16, the rest is just 2013 textures and poor roads and vegetation.
    It is a reasonably small part of the map and personally I think it is in worse shape than Belgium.

    I hope you guys can announce any work on the Netherlands in the near future.
    In the meantime I am sticking with you wondering what 2.0 will bring keep up the great work.


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