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A Bad Start

Yesterday at August 15 we have released our map, with a lot of work spent into the map and efforts, we were happy by the huge amount of downloads and tremendous feedback.

However, after a conversation with the mappers from the Promods team, it has been revealed that one of our mappers, TheNightgames, has stolen work from other maps, the said areas are Bratislava by the Great Poland mod and the road between Praha and Mladá Boleslav by Promods.
We have looked deeper into the issues and have removed them from our map.
We do not tolerate any mapper in our team who steals or uses other people’s work without their permission, and to lying about this. Now that we found this out, the mapper has been kicked out of the team. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this, and we thank Promods’ team for helping us discover the issue and working with us quickly to fix it.

Now that the said mapper is no longer a part of them team, he has deleted our discord server, in the following days we will set up it again.

Great Poland’s map Bratislava interchange
TheNightgames’ interchange, the same one from Great Poland after some touch up

We have determined that everything else is almost exactly the same, in terms of the city, it’s network and so on, bratislava has been taken without permisions from Great Poland’s map which is discountinued, and in the case of Mlada Boleslav as you can clearly see below, from Promods.

Both Mlada Boleslavs comparised

In this comparison you can see Promods’ Mlada Boleslav versus TheNightgames’ modified version, however, obvious similiraties can be spotted in the area.

TheNightgames’ confirmation

TheNightgames’ confirmation
While asking TheNightgames out regarding the said claims inside our team chats, he has confirmed this and came out with this announcement to the public, he refused transferring the ownership of the Discord server to either of the team, and has closed down the server, and we apologize for this occasion, we have checked out another areas by the mapper but did not find anything, happily.

And to make another point clear at the same breath: In case you are wondering why the Harz and Berlin area is memorable, these areas have indeed been published first in TruckSimMap. However, the mapper who built those areas decided to leave the TruckSimMap team and joined our project, so these areas are permitted map parts by the original author, and are being developed within our map.

You can now find the fixed version, named V1.0a in the download tab, with the needed arrangements.


6 thoughts on “A Bad Start

  1. Thank you very much, EuRoadNet Team, for being so honest and proactive about your work and who is on your team! You have a really great thing going here, and I am looking forward to many new additions to your map for years to come!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, this is a bad news. I hope you find together a fix for this.
    Your Map is cool and i hope we can see and play many new version of it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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